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Child-Focused Resolutions

Iowa Center for Children’s Justice is one of only a few programs in the nation providing legal representation for children of divorce or custody disputes. We believe that providing children with a safe space to share and learn about divorce and have access to knowledgeable legal advocates helps create a healthier future for the child and their parents.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we rely on grant funding and the support of our sponsors and donors to provide our programs and services that support children of divorce and custody disputes.

Our Innovation

Our attorneys make sure that children’s needs are addressed during divorce. In addition to our legal support, we also give children emotional assurance by listening to their concerns and giving them skills to understand and cope with divorce.

Originally Kids First Law Center in eastern Iowa, which expanded into central Iowa in 2017, Iowa Center for Children’s Justice is now its own organization continuing the services and traditions of Kids First while offering appropriate legal support to children specifically within Polk and Dallas Counties.

Our Approach

Iowa Center for Children’s Justice is a caring and knowledgeable child-focused resource for the family law community and children whose parents are in conflict. We offer legal representation for children and advocate on their behalf during divorce or custody disputes to find child-focused solutions that create a healthy future for the family.

While we represent kids, we seek custody resolutions and promote co-parenting solutions that are in the best interest of the entire family. All our programs and legal services focus on providing support and child representation that foster a healthy future for our clients and their families.*

*We are not an emergency contact for disputing parents or abusive situations. If you are experiencing an emergency, contact the police or the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Meet Our Team

Our staff is dedicated to providing legal support and advocacy to children experiencing divorce. Meet the team of Iowa Center for Children’s Justice.

Our Team


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