Divorce Workshops
for Children

Teaching Kids Skills to Cope with Divorce

Divorce results in dramatic lifestyle changes for everyone involved, but these changes are even more difficult for children who may feel overwhelmed or left out. Our divorce workshops for children help kids involved in divorce cases understand what is happening between their parents while teaching them ways to cope with the changes that come with divorce.

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Helping Children Know They Are Not Alone

Workshop completion is required for children whose parents file for divorce in Polk County and over 800 children complete our workshops every year. During the workshop, trained facilitators provide caring and respectful age-appropriate education about divorce. Children participate with kids their age and engage in creative and positive activities that teach them skills to adjust to their new lifestyle.


Workshop fees are $40/one child or $80/family. To request a reduced fee based on low-income status, contact us.


My son LOVED this experience and asked if he can do it again! This completely surprised me—it’s out of character for him to be enthusiastic about this kind of thing. So, thank you! Well done.

Parent of a workshop student
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We achieve our mission with the help of generous donors and volunteers. Contributing to Iowa Center for Children’s Justice gives support to families experiencing conflict.