Neutral Evaluation

Greater Understanding Through Enhanced Communication

The goal of neutral evaluation is to improve communication between disputing parties and provide everyone with a better understanding of important issues. During this process, a neutral expert assesses the case and works to understand each party.

Expert, Objective Assessment

Early neutral evaluation is voluntary, confidential, and can occur any time after a case has been filed in court. This is an opportunity for parents and attorneys involved in a divorce or custody case to receive impartial evaluation of the potential outcome, which can help save time and money later in the process.

During neutral evaluation, an attorney may partner with a mental health professional or other expert in family law to evaluate both sides of a divorce or custody dispute. Family law cases often require difficult compromises. A neutral evaluator will identify the strengths and challenges of both sides of the case and provide a written evaluation offering a potential outcome of the case.


  • Enhanced communication between the parties
  • Clarification about the central issues in dispute
  • Can shorten costly pre-trial discovery process
  • Neutral evaluation may lead to settlement
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Evaluation is provided by Diane Dornburg, managing attorney for a flat fee of $500 for a 3-hour session. Additional fees may apply for additional specialists, such as mental health professionals.

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