Child Custody Mediation

An Innovative, Child-Focused Approach to Custody Mediation

Mediation can be a less expensive alternative to litigation. Typically mediation occurs between both parents and a neutral mediator, but our child-focused mediation is an innovative option that puts the needs of the children first.

Finding Child-First Solutions

Mediation can be used as an alternative to a court hearing or to meet court requirements. In child-focused mediation, our attorneys work with parents involved in custody disputes to find solutions that benefit the children, which makes for a healthier family environment even after divorce.

Polk and Dallas County typically practice “caucus style” mediation, where a mediator meets separately with each side in a dispute to understand their needs and concerns. Iowa Center for Children’s Justice offers other innovative options that improve transparency and communication between parties in order to achieve child-focused resolutions.

These options include:

  • Child-inclusive mediation
    Children who have had an opportunity to express their views about the issues affecting them often feel less anxious as a result. Child-inclusive mediation gives children the opportunity to have their feelings heard.
  • Two mediator team approach
    Involving more than one mediator can improve communication between both parties which reduces conflict and makes the process more efficient. Both sides in a dispute benefit from the additional expertise and different perspectives that two mediators provide.
  • Single- or extended multi-session mediation
    Reaching a resolution is the most important outcome of the mediation. Allowing the possibility of extended or multi-session mediations keeps the focus on achieving a beneficial result instead of keeping to a time limit.
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Fees vary by type of mediation. Fees start at $150 per hour. Please contact staff to discuss further.

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